The International Dealers Room

To allow a place for all your purchasing needs and for you to see what’s new on the magical market, we have organised a fantastic dealers room.
The following dealers have already announced their participation at “Nordisch Nobel” and will be at your service the entire time:

Wittus Witt (DE), Kaktus-FX (CH), Kreis Magic (JP), Losander INC (US), DecovaMagic (DE), Show!time (DE), Card-Shark (DE), MyITR (US),
Jupiter Magic (HU), Hakan Varol (DE), Cornelius Degen (DE), Zauberzentrale München (DE), Black Magic SH Company (IR), World Magic Shop (GB) 
und Zauberdiscount® (DE).

The dealers room is NOT YET fully booked! Enquiries at