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Portrait Organizer: Daniel Mayer / Zauberdiscount® 

Zauberdiscount®, a shop specialising in magic related props and accessories in Bad Segeberg (Germany), was founded in 2005 in Hassendorf by magician Daniel Mayer. Daniel Mayer discovered magic in August 1999. 2005 he became a member of “The International Brotherhood of Magicians” and in 2006 of the Magic Circle of Germany.

At the beginning, Zauberdiscount stocked only 40 items. Today, Zauberdiscount is well known in Germany and parts of Europe and is offering more than 2000 magic related items. Many magicians (professionals and amateurs alike) trust in Zauberdiscount’s online shop as well as the great customer service.

In 2007 Daniel Mayer held the 1st Lübeck Magic-Days, in 2009 the 2nd and in 2011 the 3rd.

As expected, he is taking the next step towards the 4th Lübeck Magic-Days in 2013.